Join us this Sunday for worship at 9:00am, 10:45am, or 12:30pm at the corner of Montana and Lee Trevino, at 3585 North Lee Trevino.

We're so glad that you've taken time to visit our website and hope you'll take the next step and become personally acquainted with our church family. The best way to discover the heart of a church is to spend time with its people. Once you do this, we are convinced that you will find everything that you're looking for and much, much more.


Discover a full worship experience this Sunday. At CVC, we worship God through songs of praise and an applicable, biblical message in a community of love and acceptance. Come worship with us; You too will come to see how God is moving in His church and how He is changing lives one person, one marriage, one family and one community at a time.


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The Time is Now

Because God commands us to increase His kingdom, we must never be afraid to step out in faith. Therefore, you are invited to be visionaries as we walk in faith together -- all for His glory. Let us continue to grow for future generations, not to build new facilities, but to build hope for eternal life for many more people in our community. It's going to take courage, but the time for us to do our part to increase God's kingdom is now!